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D-AEUJ ex. Laudamotion (OE-LCK) and Air Berlin (D-ABCK) (mehr von D-AEUJ)
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N666HD golden hour @ GAT with D-AGOV behind. first pic of this reg in db (mehr von N666HD)
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RA-31589 new reg to database and a nice surprise as well! (mehr von RA-31589)
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G-TUMA Named after the municipality of Kittil� in the Lapland region/northern Finland. (mehr von G-TUMA)
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D-AKNN Evening schedule EW 8143 starting its way to Berlin-Tegel Intl. (mehr von D-AKNN)
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G-EZOK A beautiful easyJet Airbus has just arrived to Salzburg Airport nonstop from Bristol (flight U2 6285). (mehr von G-EZOK)
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VT-IJF Taxiing out for departure as 6E-5327 to Bangalore. (mehr von VT-IJF)
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JA8978 Ready for departure as JL512 to Tokyo. (mehr von JA8978)
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B-16333 The autumn evening light falls on BR115 as it rolls out for departure from Sapporo to Taipei. (mehr von B-16333)
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A6-EOK EK701 from Dubai on short final at Plaisance on a cloudy summer morning. (mehr von A6-EOK)
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N7001U On display at the Museum of Flight Airpark next to CF-TGE. This was the prototype Boeing 727 that was delivered to United Air Lines; Boeing did not retain it as a flight test aircraft. It remained with the airline for its entire 27-year career, having flown 64,495 hours, made 48,060 landings and carried around three million passengers. After making its last revenue flight in 1991, the 727 finally flew to the Museum in March 2016. (mehr von N7001U)
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42-8205 On display at the Museum of Flight. This Thunderbolt was recovered from La Paz for restoration. “Big Stud” is painted in the markings of Col. Robert L. Baseler, CO of 325th FG from July 1943 to April 1944 in the Mediterranean Theater. The 325th FG wore the distinctive black and yellow checkertail on its P-40s, P-47s and P-51s. (mehr von 42-8205)