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PH-XRB Taxiing out to RWY33 for departure to Rotterdam-The Hague (HV 5408). (mehr von PH-XRB)
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SE-ROE 'Harald Viking' arriving Salzburg from Stockholm-Arlanda Intl. as charter flight SK 2915 shortly before sunset. The A320neo is definitely one of my most favourite aircraft, especially when captured in some beautiful evening light like this. (mehr von SE-ROE)
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LN-RPO Nice to catch a 737-800 without winglets. Named 'Thorleif Viking' and is captured during departure to Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. as charter flight SK 7480. (mehr von LN-RPO)
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LY-MGC Lifting off RWY26 on departure to Billund. This fully white 737 is operating on behalf of Atlantic Airways that usually flies this charter leg with an A319. LY-MGC has already been in service for Turkish Airlines (TC-JDE), Malev Hungarian Airlines (HA-LEV) and Transaero Airlines (EI-DDY). (mehr von LY-MGC)
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OH-LXI Holiday flight AY 1462 to Helsinki-Vantaa Intl. on departure via RWY 26 with some parts of the mountains of the "Nordkette" behind. (mehr von OH-LXI)
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OE-LBE 'The Wachau' taking off out of Innsbruck bound for Copenhagen-Kastrup Intl. (AUA60KT). This A321 will soon be repainted in the new Austrian coulourscheme. (mehr von OE-LBE)
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SE-DJO Lifting off the runway and starting its flight to Gothenburg as holiday flight SCW7U. The photo of this beautiful 'Jumbolino' was taken shortly before sunset. (mehr von SE-DJO)