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D-EFVP c/n 20608300 aircraft of the fire department Lower Saxony (mehr von D-EFVP)
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NX36DV On display at the Museum of Flight. Built in numbers, the D.V suffered from lower wing failures and was considered outdated by Manfred von Richthofen. This replica is painted in the markings of Oblt. Richard Flashar, commander of Jasta 5. Dragon Albatros W/n 5636/17 was handed over to Lt. Hans Joachim von Hippel, who succeeded in making a crash landing after combat on Feb. 18, 1918. (mehr von NX36DV)
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HS-TKF New Special Livery "Royal Barge" to celebrate the King's Coronation in 2019 (mehr von HS-TKF)