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OK-TST Smoky touchdown on runway 35. (mehr von OK-TST)
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one of the big highlight in this Museum very rare Plane
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UR-09307 The AN22 the world's largest turboprop-powered aircraft is "the last unicorn" which is finally back in service. The lady is nearly 46 years and has a phenomenal sound with the four pairs of contra-rotating propellers. (mehr von UR-09307)
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N7086C A classic airliner slowly rotting in the desert but now with graffiti. Gila River doesn't seem to be operational as an airfield but is still accessible by car. Taken with a drone (mehr von N7086C)
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OE-IZV c/n 2968. Built in 2006 and delivered to Air Berlin as D-ABDK (mehr von OE-IZV)