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74512 On display at the Museum of Flight. This aircraft was built by the Eastern Aircraft Division of General Motors, which built the majority of Wildcats. It is painted with a shamrock on the tail to represent a Wildcat embarked on CVE-84 Shamrock Bay that took part in the Philippines and Okinawa campaigns in 1945. After 1943, Wildcats operated from escort carriers, having made way for the Hellcat aboard fleet carriers. (mehr von 74512)
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58-6970 Air Force One on display at the Museum of Flight. This was the first presidential jet that was specially built, replacing the Super Constellation in 1959. It was used by Pres. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon and Johnson till replaced with a newer Boeing VC-137C. This VC-137B continued to fly till 1996. (mehr von 58-6970)
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CF-TGE On display at the Museum of Flight. The most successful of all the Constellation models, the 1049G could be fitted with wingtip tanks to increase range. This Super Connie was delivered to Trans-Canada Airlines in 1954. It carried passengers, cargo and was converted to a cocktail lounge. (mehr von CF-TGE)
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EI-ELG c/n 877. Built in 1998 and delivered to Dragonair as B-HSH (mehr von EI-ELG)
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OO-KIN c/n 680-0179. Landing on RWY 34. First picture on PP.net. (mehr von OO-KIN)
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