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OM-VRC Rolling for take-off on Rwy 15, for a flight back home to Bratislava. (mehr von OM-VRC)
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VP-CHM Arriving for cabin outfitting. Later delivered to Fujairah as A6-HMS. (mehr von VP-CHM)
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D-CNOC Flaring over Rwy 15, while a Europe Airpost B737 is taxiing down on B towards the holding point for departure. (mehr von D-CNOC)
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HB-IYW Initially delivered to Crossair in 1999, this airframe was sold to Canada in 2017 and has been flying with Summit Air since 2018. (mehr von HB-IYW)
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HA-LQB Taking off from Rwy 07. When Malev collapsed in 2012, this plane went back to SAS as LN-RDX, but was very soon broken up in Innsbruck. (mehr von HA-LQB)
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A7-BFK Luckily no bird strike reported. Sorry for not centered to show the birds. (mehr von A7-BFK)