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TS-IOP Rolling for take-off on Rwy 07. Stored at Tunis since August 2021, wearing the 70th anniversary retro colours since late 2018. (mehr von TS-IOP)
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D-ATUG Rolling for take-off on Rwy 16. Became OY-JZM with Jet Time in late 2019. (mehr von D-ATUG)
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EC-JTN Taxiing towards Rwy 16 for departure after helping out at Hello the day before. Later became PR-LGN with VARIG LOG after cargo conversion. Went on to fly with Yakutia and then Aviastar-Tu in Russia and allegedly to be taken up by ROMCargo Airlines in Romania as of late 2023. (mehr von EC-JTN)
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TC-JLI Seen arriving on Rwy 16 from Istanbul. Initially delivered to Swissair as HB-IJE and returned to Swiss in late 2007 under the same registration. Withdrawn from use and stored in Roswell since November 2021. (mehr von TC-JLI)
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D-AHFT Accelerating on Rwy 16 as it were. Withdrawn from use in late 2021 and picked up by Go2Sky in Slovakia in 2023 as OM-GTJ. (mehr von D-AHFT)
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OY-MBU Arriving from Copenhagen as QI747. Became 4L-TGS with Airzena Georgian Airways in 2009 and then 5Y-CGF with Fly540 in Kenya in 2015. (mehr von OY-MBU)