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EI-GAM c/n 3823. Built in 2009 and delivered to Aeroflot as VQ-BBB. "St Brona" (mehr von EI-GAM)
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LN-WND Daks taxiing out in the late afternoon for their display at Flying Legends 2011 Airshow. This C-53D Skytrooper was taken on strength by the USAAF as 42-68823. It was transferred to England and then went to France in 1944 as “Little Egypt,” serving as transport for Maj Gen Ralph Royce, CG of First TAF (Provisional). After the war the aircraft went to Finnair, being used by Finnish President Kekkonen. The Dak was sold by the Finnish Air force to Dakota Norway, which flew it to Sandefjord in May 1985. (mehr von LN-WND)


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N727M Taxiing back to Rwy 16 for departure after bringing in a group of American tourists in the morning. (mehr von N727M)
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9V-SMB taxiing to the Terminal 2 after landing on rwy 08R. (mehr von 9V-SMB)