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C499 On display at IAF Museum Palam wearing the emblem of No. 8 Sqn "Eight Pursoots." Inducted into the IAF in April 1963, the MiG-21F-13 or Type 74 equipped No. 28 Sqn "First Supersonics" under Wg Cdr Dilbagh Singh. This was followed by the PF and finally the FL or Type 77, which was licence manufactured by HAL. The FL was used to good effect in the 1971 Indo-Pak War on both fronts. In the West, FLs from No. 47 Sqn "Black Archers" and No. 29 Sqn "Scorpions" shot down four PAF F-104s without loss, clearly besting the Starfighter. The last IAF FLs were decommissioned in Dec. 2013. (mehr von C499)


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MM81163 100th Anniversary of the Italian Air Force (mehr von MM81163)
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OO-DWG Jumbolinos taking control of GVA for a moment. OO-DWG was ready to go for its flight back home to Brussels while D-AVRO landed on Rwy 05 in the background. (mehr von OO-DWG)