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UR-82007 Boeing chartered transport of ViaSat-3 satellite for SpaceX launch on April 18, 2023, at KTTS in Florida. (mehr von UR-82007)
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62-0001 On display in the Research and Development Gallery at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Dwarfing the SR-71, this exotic Valkyrie was intended to be a Mach 3 nuclear bomber. A sharp-edged splitter plate of the wedge-fronted intake reduced airflow to Mach 1.3, the design helping the XB-70 to surf on its shockwave. The wingtips folded downward on the AV-1 at 25 and 65 deg. at supersonic speeds to add to stability, also adding to lift. It had a retractable visor, delta canards and all-moving vertical stabilizers. Power was from six YJ93-GE-3 turbojets using JP-6 fuel. (mehr von 62-0001)
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D-ABPD One of the new LH Dreamliner taking off RWY18W to MUC for Crewtraining (mehr von D-ABPD)
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HS-PZC on short final RWY 09 over Mai Khao beach (mehr von HS-PZC)


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JY-AYV Retro Livery - highlight of the short trip this day (mehr von JY-AYV)
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N776AV Welcome back Iguana!! Today, the first NEO for Avianca Ecuador was delivered in Quito and it's now painted with the newest and fourth retro scheme of Avianca, the heritage livery AeroGal. After 5 years without seeing this tail we got the opportunity to see it again flying through our skies. In June this plane will be the first to fly the UIO-JFK route. (mehr von N776AV)
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D-ABVS Getting some Eva Air doors for decoration and a tight parking approach, with overlapping wings (mehr von D-ABVS)
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