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A7-BGB FIA 2018 - the cockpit of the mighty Jumbo (mehr von A7-BGB)
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G-CIVF with Destination ORD. 747's add such a different dynamic to airports. Sadly, there all slowly start disappearing from the seen. (mehr von G-CIVF)
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G-ZBKN With Destination SJC flying over Greenland (mehr von G-ZBKN)
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OE-LOA Rocketing out of Innsbruck as flight OE 351 bound for Dublin Intl. This is the first visit of an LaudaMotion-Jet at Innsbruck Airport wearing the new paintscheme. Built in 2007 this Airbus A320 has already been in service for All Nippon Airways/Japan (JA206A) and Citilink/Indonesia (PK-GLH). (mehr von OE-LOA)
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4X-EBS Grey day in CGN but not often in CGN and note the 2000-markings. Paperfilmscan. (mehr von 4X-EBS)
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A6-BLG Livery "Special Olympics, Abu Dhabi 2019" World Games (mehr von A6-BLG)
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D-ASTS Soon, all signs of Germania will be gone and their aircraft will fly for another airline. (mehr von D-ASTS)
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SE-ROE 'Harald Viking' arriving Salzburg from Stockholm-Arlanda Intl. as charter flight SK 2915 shortly before sunset. The A320neo is definitely one of my most favourite aircraft, especially when captured in some beautiful evening light like this. (mehr von SE-ROE)