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PH-BQB Taxi guidance GPS system (mehr von PH-BQB)
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LX-STC 'Luxliner' bound for London-Gatwick (mehr von LX-STC)
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D-AIMF The new Beijing terminal 3 from The Lufthansa A380 D-AIMF in the route FRA-PEK (mehr von D-AIMF)
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D-ABDM An overview of the accident in Tegel today, you can see the tug trapped underneath the aircraft. The A/C was being towed to its position, when the tug stopped. The A/C carried on under its own momentum, causing the tug to be pulled under the belly. Amazingly, the driver got out uninjured apart from cuts to the hand (mehr von D-ABDM)
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TC-OAZ A very rare and exciting hybrid being prepared for delivery to Onur Air. Basic c/s of Olympic Airlines, titles and logos of Saudia and Onur Air registration.Ex SX-BEM, this A300 has to fly since December 2007! First photo on the net. (mehr von TC-OAZ)
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A6-EHD Spacious and elegant first class cabin with a unique ceiling design. (mehr von A6-EHD)
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F-GSQJ Thanks to Captain and Purser, who made it possible to enter the flightdeck. The 777 cockpit is simply amazing. (mehr von F-GSQJ)
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"the world" DXB-HAM.
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D-AELI I guess, it is the biggest F27 flightline in Germany (mehr von D-AELI)
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D-ALLG Scaned from a paper print. Seems that this mad dog is missing something (mehr von D-ALLG)
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TC-JGY Pleasant surprise on a misty morning. (mehr von TC-JGY)
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A6-EDC The first class self-service bar in the front of the A380. Simply an amazing experience enroute EK372 from Dubai to Bangkok (mehr von A6-EDC)
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Overview HAM airport "Europa League Final 2010 @ HAM".
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D-FGOJ c/n 139. ex ZK-JDQ. Straight from a Hollywood movie. A ex-military hijacked the aircraft, after pretending to be a photographer shooting parachute jumps from inside the airplane. The aircraft took off from LPEV (…vora) to LPCS (Tires) with 2 parachuters, and right after, the hijacker diverted the aircraft using a pistol. When the aircraft was landing at Tires, the pilot managed to take the weapon from the terrorist, but he went for the controls and tried to crash the airplane. The parachuters jumped at very low altitude and the aircraft landed with the engine shut down, with a strugle between the pilot and the hijacker, skidded into a ditch breaking the left wing and left again to the grass breaking the landing gear. The pilot jumped from the aircraft as soon as it hit the ground and the hijacker committed suicide (you can see him underneath the left wing). It also seems that the hijacker's car exploded in …vora. Handheld, raining a lot, and almost dark. (mehr von D-FGOJ)
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together with a NATO Boeing 707