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Overview of the scrapping compound whilst landing on runway 26. Main items are EI-OZA A300 DHL, JY-AGP A310, G-EZKG B737, D-AGEB B733, P4-XZX HS125 and various nose sections from previously scrapped aircraft
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D-ALPC congratulation to the soccer team of the 1. FC NŁrnberg (mehr von D-ALPC)
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OE-LRE The last flight of this aircraft was in November 2006 to Kemble where it was broken up and transported here by road. It seems strange that such a newish type as this being broken for scrap. Delivered new in 1995. (mehr von OE-LRE)
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CS-TLZ Official presentation of the first cargo aircraft for EuroAtlantic! This is the first B767-300 to be converted to cargo... Notice the station for the Load Master! (mehr von CS-TLZ)
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F-WWOW The wing of the "huge one". First time I've seen a wing droop this much! (Nikon D70) (mehr von F-WWOW)
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D-ABAB One of the very last scheduled Tempelhof flights is taking off towards Berlin-Tegel two hours before official closing in a glorious sea of lights. Good bye my dear home airport! (mehr von D-ABAB)
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CN-RGA My first 747 on 25L. 2 years that I am waiting for this moment. Moreover it is my 300th picture! Thanks to PP.net crew. (mehr von CN-RGA)
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Spotting location in DUS, while a TK A343 is on final approach.
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EC-KMR c/n 20826-242. ex G-INTL (GX-10, D-Xenon 18-55mm) (mehr von EC-KMR)
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G-TTOB A road which comes from the Spanish border crosses the runway and leads into the british Gibraltar. When a plane departure or arrive the road has to be closed. All cars and persons have to stop behind a barrier. (mehr von G-TTOB)
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TS-IQA after overrun runway 06 - thanks god no injuries - the airport was blocked for the complete day (mehr von TS-IQA)
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9V-SKA Taking a rest at Gate F31. Singapore Airlines' first A380 is deployed on a daily basis to Sydney, leaving in the evening and returning the next day at approx 1345. As there is only one A380, SQ have to make sure that the plane suffers no technical issues....and hence the number of ground crew seen performing checks [Nikon D200] (mehr von 9V-SKA)
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I-DEMW Photo 2 of 4 : The thrill of this particular approach was increased by runway work, which led to a temporary shortening of the runway. (mehr von I-DEMW)
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F-WWOW s/n 001while waiting better, with a pretty poster (mehr von F-WWOW)
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N522VA c/n 2811, first A319 delivery to Virgin America in full cs (mehr von N522VA)
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Tropical St. Barth!
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F-WWYZ s/n 609 1st -200 for NWA, will be N851NW (mehr von F-WWYZ)