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EI-DBL Very impressive and low pass of an Alitalia 'Triple 7' during the Giornata d'Azzura (Canon 350D + Sigma 50-500mm) (mehr von EI-DBL)
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EI-EMK I am yet not sure whether I should laugh or cry about this livery. Ryanair, the idea of this paint scheme was good, but please complete the livery before leaving paint shop! :D Trying to promote for National Express, a public transport company from the UK. (mehr von EI-EMK)
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F-GSPA closeup of the maingear and the engine - notice how the water is sprayed by engine blast, also a very wet taxiway this morning... (Nikon D70) (mehr von F-GSPA)
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D-AHIN Hamburgjet 7187 is about to leave Berne for Gatwick. (mehr von D-AHIN)
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Nice airport overview after a take-off rwy 04R to LILLE with AF7921. The T1 is rectangular, the new T2 is round. The northern rwy 04L-22R is dedicated for landings. To the south of the field, there is also an helistation ("Mike"). On the left you can see the Var river after a stormy period which brings a muddy water in the Mediterranean Sea. NICE town on the other side.
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HZ-HM1A Seen here inside LHT's power box, undergoing heavy installing since april 2007 (mehr von HZ-HM1A)
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G-BDXF Aerial view of the scrapping area at Kemble. 'XF still with Corsair titles has had the cockpit section cut away and is on the ground beside G-BDXE. The yellow section is all that remains of the ex Brunei B757 recently scrapped and an American Jetstar awaits it turn. (mehr von G-BDXF)
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F-WWDD The most amazing wing I have ever laid eyes upon! [Nikon D200] (mehr von F-WWDD)
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D-ALTB Leaving Shanwick OCA on our way to DUS (mehr von D-ALTB)
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JB a historic moment in the American aviation history ! For the first time the Airbus A380 is about to land in the USA, seen here on short final for RWY22L. The arrival was observed by local New Yorker enthusiasts as well by the press and officials airside on JFK's tarmac. Greets to the fellow NYC-Aviation spotters I met this day (Nikon D200)
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D-ABAV where is the way to the gate ? ( Pana FZ 30 ) (mehr von D-ABAV)
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Z-BAV New plane for Avient. ex PR-LGD (VarigLog). First picture on pp.net. Crashed on 28 November 2009 in Shanghai. (mehr von Z-BAV)
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F-WWCG Many aircraft stored at LFBT with "The Pyrenees" in the background. (mehr von F-WWCG)
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G-BNLB Stored with G-BNLC alongside minus engines and winglet on the port wing (mehr von G-BNLB)
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D-AHIL "Kassel Airport"-sticker (mehr von D-AHIL)
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9V-SKA The first A380 has been delivered! Arriving at Singapore's Changi Airport at 1840 local, 9V-SKA made her way to gate A4 at Terminal 3, but not before she was greeted with a water cannon salute! A truly amazing day! [Nikon D200] (mehr von 9V-SKA)