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together with a NATO Boeing 707
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View from the new tower with the new "A-plus" concourse
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Over view as we left SXM the new terminal is clearly visible as is Corsair 747, Air France A340, Delta 757, Air Blue A320 ,American 757 ,various biz jets and also a biz jet lining up on the runway
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F-WXXL Overflight from XXL. Thanks to the pilot for the waving wings. Big audience at XFW. Great! (mehr von F-WXXL)
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6Y-JMP very nice spotting location - its very amazing to see the big birds so close over the famous houses of the Myrtle Avenue :-) I am very happy to be there again at July this year ! (mehr von 6Y-JMP)
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PR-AYD The image ever seen on any aviation photography site. Priceless moment! In years of photography this was a really exciting time! They are the crew of Azul Airlines and his beautiful family! Congratulations! (mehr von PR-AYD)
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N805AS ex JA8079 without titles (mehr von N805AS)
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B-2458 on very short finals for RWY24R just crossing Lincoln Boulevard - leaving me almost speechless... (mehr von B-2458)
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The photo shows the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport.
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PH-KCK **YES! What a pic! Sorry that the quality is not the best, but bare in mind we were going at about 150 knots and the scenery made it hard to focus! AMAZING VIEW! We chased it down the RWY, and finally rotated, but with 25knt winds, it was so hard! I thank the very skilled pilot for doing as I asked them and for handeling the Helicopter so well! Way to go! My house visible there too! On its way to BONAIRE! **INSPIRED BY SAM CHUI!** (Olympus C-770) (mehr von PH-KCK)
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Apron overview with a fire-brigade exercise was made, of the Dusseldorf airport fire-brigade and occupation fire-brigade.
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5N-AUG Ex Nigeria Airways A310 is currently in use as Cafe/ restaurant. Gilly is a small village not so far from Charleroi Airport in Belgium. (mehr von 5N-AUG)
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G-BOAC Afternoon arrival of the "Queen of the Sky"... Nice sound over Myrtle Avenue (mehr von G-BOAC)
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D-AERK A great and smooth take off from rwy 23, with Madeira Airport and its traffic below. Just for curiosity, on arrival, the plane brought a Ferrari (a real one) together with the rest of the bags. (mehr von D-AERK)
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D-ABVN Before the flight from MCT to DXB and on to FRA. (mehr von D-ABVN)
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F-WWKH In Memory of the 7 people that died on June 30th 1994. Unfortunately we seemed to have been the only ones to show their respect on the 10th anniversary. On the lower left you can see the trim wheel, pretty much the only part that remained unburnt....R.I.P. (mehr von F-WWKH)
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D-AIHQ 5 LH 747 waiting at the Cargo-Ramp for VFR depature to FRA while the German Airspace was closed. (mehr von D-AIHQ)