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Such a gorgeous day here in LCY. Coming in from Edinburgh in the early hours and looking towards downtown London.
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TC-SKN water salute for first type landing Boeing 737-900 in DUS (mehr von TC-SKN)
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A6-EDJ together with Lufthansa D-AIMA. Berlin Airshow 2010 (mehr von A6-EDJ)
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F-WWJB First A380 touches down at Munichs 08R. 18 tires burning some rubber. Some special guests and press could get very close to the action. (mehr von F-WWJB)
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HB-JMJ special livery on this A340 to promote the new direct flight from Zurich to San Francisco. (mehr von HB-JMJ)
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F-WXXL c/n 002. ex prototype. 1st after conversion. (mehr von F-WXXL)
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D-ABKF Overshot runway 06 after aborted take-off in snow. (mehr von D-ABKF)
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Overview of the STR Apron with 4 x B744 diversions from FRA that morning. List of all diversions that morning in STR HS-TGL B744 Thai N415MC B744F Emirates Sky Cargo D-ABTC B744 DLH D-ABTF B744 DLH D-ABTK B744 DLH D-ABVH B744 DLH D-AIGB A343 DLH D-AIGN A343 DLH D-AIKC A333 DLH D-AISE A321 DLH D-AIQM A320 DLH D-ABUZ B763 CFG
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FAL of the single aile arcraft.
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D-ABNF Overshot at full speed Rwy 34 (mehr von D-ABNF)
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D-EJAY c/n 1611. If it was just a emergency training or a real problem I do not know. D-EJAY had left DTM one hour before and after landing the plane was accompanied by a car from Dortmund Airport. (mehr von D-EJAY)
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F-WWOW The upper deck of the A380, clearly not quite ready for usage yet! A few seats here or there, but mainly ballast tanks to give weight to the aircraft. Amazing plane (Nikon D70) (mehr von F-WWOW)
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A6-EBD Six Emirates planes taxiing to the runway while the Spanish Patrulla Aguila taking off for their performance at the Dubai Air Show 2007! (mehr von A6-EBD)
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RA-96010 widebody alert at IST's international terminal (Nikon D200) (mehr von RA-96010)
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Approach on rwy 10 means a nice sightseeing flight over the City of London!
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Take-Off at Hurghada after 1 week Holidays (mehr von e-Off)
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N808MC at the damaged Atlas Jumbo today a fire-brigade exercise was through led, of the Dusseldorfer airport fire-brigade and occupation fire-brigade (mehr von N808MC)
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9M-MPC just touching down in the early morning dust (mehr von 9M-MPC)
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enroute NUE-TXL