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I-DEMW Photo 4 of 4 : The landing was safe after all, depite the funny angles before touchdown. The passengers probably thought that's the way it has to be, anyway. (mehr von I-DEMW)
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F-WWOW different forms, but all can fly (mehr von F-WWOW)
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SE-RDM Another typical Skiathos low-pass before touchdown runway 02 (mehr von SE-RDM)
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HZ-AFAS being towed for compass compensation prior to first flight after almost 17 months of maintenance due to installation of new VVIP cabin, ex HZ-AFA1 of Saudi Arabian Royal Flight. Sorry for the typical Hamburg November weather... (mehr von HZ-AFAS)
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A6-EDA Delivery Ceremony on Airbus Plant Hamburg Finkenwerder. You can See, the Workers from Airbus celebration the first Delivery in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. (mehr von A6-EDA)
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F-WXXL S/N 002 First flight for F-W eXtra eXtra Large (FFAS/JR) (mehr von F-WXXL)
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EC-HFS Enroute with my girl to Tenerife. (mehr von EC-HFS)
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EC-ICD "Muy caliente"at Barcelona! (FFAS/JR) (mehr von EC-ICD)
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F-WWOW The cockpit of the A380....my first ever upload of a cockpit picture and the first pic of the A380 cockpit. No idea what everything means, but it is certainly impressive! You can see the location of the aircraft by looking at the GPS on the ECIAS and also a view of the aircraft from the tail camera view (Nikon D70) (mehr von F-WWOW)
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F-BVFF two french brands...which one do you prefer ? (Nikon D70) (mehr von F-BVFF)


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D-AIMG Ju 52 and A380 over Hamburg in a show flight. (mehr von D-AIMG)
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D-AISG ...displaying row two and three of LH's "Dormagen", note the comfy legroom in Business-Class.. Canon Ixus 800 IS (mehr von D-AISG)
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9V-SVJ The engine was running a bit hot!! Naah, the sun setting behind created this surreal scener! (mehr von 9V-SVJ)
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D-ABOE Final approach to JTR. (mehr von D-ABOE)
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D-AIAS That's definitly a friendly crew! After WM2006 :) Welcome on Board! Permission okay! (mehr von D-AIAS)
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F-GSTB incredible photo of family (sorry for quality) A320 & Concorde Towed for static display with Super Guppy & Caravelle near the A380 Assembly line. (mehr von F-GSTB)
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82-1070 82-1070 Not the real "82-1070" just the airframe, used for early production an testing. Given to the USAF Museum in 1999. National Museum of the United States Air Force (mehr von 82-1070)