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N740WA Due to a major electrical failure in the fueling system, the crossfeed valve didn't open during refuelling, which caused 45 tons (!!!) of fuel being pumped into the left wing only. Engine nr.2 was so close to the ground, that I wouldn't put my foot under it. Slats and flaps are fully deployed by the mechanic to check if the plane has suffered any structural damage. They consulted with Boeing mechanics and they found no irregulariries. When I left hours later, they had still no solution for the fuel-problem. (mehr von N740WA)
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G-YMMM Crash landed at LHR, with a loss of power from both engines... luckily only 3 minor injuries. (mehr von G-YMMM)
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B-6076 Shot out of the "Skytrain" on the way to Terminal 2. Taken with Canon 1D MK III+100-400 L IS (mehr von B-6076)
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F-WWOW the 1st prototype advance, everybody is in a hurry to see to fly it (mehr von F-WWOW)
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F-GPKO Whoops..Due to extreme winds of course :( (mehr von F-GPKO)
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D-AIAI After more than 21 years of service with Lufthansa, the first A300-600 has been withdrawn from use and is to be ferried on 28aug08 HAM-QLA for part-out and scrap. (mehr von D-AIAI)
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SE-LDK The lowest approach in the world?...maybe yes! (mehr von SE-LDK)


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F-WWOW First rolling on runway with 4 engines (mehr von F-WWOW)
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TC-ONP Notice the open baggage cargo door ! According to reports this aircraft lost pressure at around 6000 Feet due to the open cargo door and was forced to make an emergency landing at Istanbul Airport. The incident is now under inspection by the Turkish Aviation Safety Agency (Nikon D200) (mehr von TC-ONP)
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Heading from EDI on a rainy day. On the right hand side of the picture you can see HB-IYU wich has dammaged after a tail stike and been transferred by boat on the other side of the airport. Don't know yet what's going to happen to her but I noticed that a fake runway has been built and a hangar is under construction. A museum maybe ? ;-) On the left hand side, you can see the extension of the apron slowly coming up from the water.
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F-WTSA What a shame to see something like that, french's taggers in actions. This aircraft was under restauration. (mehr von F-WTSA)
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EC-IOB Yes, I've been to paradise;) [EOS 350D] (mehr von EC-IOB)
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I-DEMW Photo 4 of 4 : The landing was safe after all, depite the funny angles before touchdown. The passengers probably thought that's the way it has to be, anyway. (mehr von I-DEMW)