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SX-BIQ Approaching Leros airport - seen out of the cockpit on our Rhodos-Kos-Leros-Astypalaia-Leros-Kos-Rhodos flight. Dedicated to the very friendly cockpit-crew! (mehr von SX-BIQ)
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SX-BOA Landing on runway 21R. Shot from unusual point of view. (mehr von SX-BOA)
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D-ABDB It was very close to a wingstrike. After a very hard touchdown the plane jumped and got some heavy crosswind which let the Airbus drift hard to the right side. In the last moment the pilot pulled the plane up and made a go around. The plane landed safely after about 20 minutes and later departed back to PMI. (mehr von D-ABDB)
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F-WWDD c/n 004. With news titles and Shell sticker (flight test with new fuel energy). (mehr von F-WWDD)
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F-WWSH c/n 038. > D-AIMA. "Frankfurt am Main". First LH A380 in full c/s. (mehr von F-WWSH)
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N334AA Close-up view showing a part of the window / fuselage section from American Airlines flight 11 which was, on purpose, flown into the North tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. This plane was carrying 81 passengers, 9 flight attendants and 2 pilots. Picture taken onboard USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. (Canon PowerShot A 95 / Photoshop 7.0) (mehr von N334AA)
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VERY low! Glad I wasnt underneath it! :-0 Note also the car stopped, this is due to they have traffic lights because the planes come in so low!! I wish the runway was another 4000ft longer then I would see at 747, wouldn't that just be amazing!
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This was my first time in this special spotters site. And while I was still walking to the best position, Air India B-747 was already there, on taxiway. Also all that spotters there make picture very impressive.
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F-WWDD Dubai is hot and Wet ! Out from a cloud, with still some Air Condensation on the wing. (mehr von F-WWDD)
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F-WWOW In the hangar where it will be rolled out. (mehr von F-WWOW)
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Shot from SunExpress B757-200 (TC-SNB) in FL370.
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F-WWKI s/n 828 next reg D-ALPI in full n/c, new aircraft on db. (mehr von D-ALPI)
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CS-TQE The rear pump used to support the plane's tail when they leverage the plane to it's right position. Can you see the firemen's? One of them is on the top of the pump (This a320 collapsed the front landing gear when taxying to rwy 05). Nikon E2000. (mehr von CS-TQE)
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G-CIVE Rolls Royce RB211 high power engine run, note the vortex in #2 engine. (mehr von G-CIVE)
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G-OOAU The funny thing on the photo is not the low pass of the A320 during approach at 02 but Natalia Anemodoura. Look her standing in the middle of the road in order to take picture! When cars stopped she advise them that is dangerous to drive through the vortex. (permission OK, she will upload more anyway). With the allowance of the screeners hope to share that photo will all. (mehr von G-OOAU)
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F-WWOW c/n 1 - WOW as the registration... a big Baby is born but c/s unveiled ! A big surprise is waiting us ;-) (mehr von F-WWOW)
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F-WWOW the 1st prototype advance, everybody is in a hurry to see to fly it (mehr von F-WWOW)
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D-AIAM 4 Airbus A300 stored at dresden (mehr von D-AIAM)
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F-WWOW First rolling on runway with 4 engines (mehr von F-WWOW)