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82-0803 The Unexpected Guest patiently waits for its unveiling ceremony at new home Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (mehr von 82-0803)
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D-ABUF the "new Condor" leaves FRA for its first trip to CUN! (mehr von D-ABUF)
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RP-C7775 On Nov 21st, flight PR113 made a safe emergency landing back to LAX after experiencing an apparent compressor stall on the right engine. Full fuel load weight caused all main gear tires to deflate. Seen here resting for speedy recovery :) (mehr von RP-C7775)
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TF-FIW special Albert Ballin / Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten scheme applied for a luxury charter trip. (mehr von TF-FIW)
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OO-ABB Specials decals for the first Air Belgium flight to Guadeloupe and Martinique (mehr von OO-ABB)
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D-ABUG In the summer season 1978 Condor operated a weekly flown service JFK-DUS on Sundays. D-ABUG was flown by Lufthansa and Condor for around fifteen years until her sale to Air Zimbabwe, first registered as VP-WKT, in 1981. Since 1988 Z-WKT is withdrawn from use and stored at Harare. (mehr von D-ABUG)
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9V-SWV You can see the third runway being reclaimed from the sea (mehr von 9V-SWV)
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D-AIBB Originally delivered to Lufthansa in March 1978 , christened "Freudenstadt/Schwarzwald". From spring 1983 until April 1985 D-AIBB was leased to Air Algerie and again for the 1987 summer season to Condor. From January 1988 onwards the aircraft was in service with Air Inter, registered as F-BUAQ and at least for another two years with Onur Air and Anatolia as TC-ONV. The plane finally was scrapped at Daytona Beach in 2000. (mehr von D-AIBB)
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G-ASDC "Plain Jane", leaves the cargo ramp for another flight to Southend. G-ASDC was one of 21 C-54s/DC-4's, that were converted by Aviation Traders Ltd from 1961. The name "Carvair" was derived from the abbreviation "Car via Air". The capacity: Up to 5 cars and 22 passengers. On June 28th, 1997 , an engine fire forced "Plain Jane" to land on a sandbar near Venetie, Alaska, operated by Great Arctic AW (mehr von G-ASDC)
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Airport overview after takeoff to DUS
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D-ASSK enroute LPA - KSF (mehr von D-ASSK)
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D-ABYF `Fritz`on taxiway W heading for runway 06, today 05R, and for take-off to the canary islands. Clearly visible are the extended Krueger-flaps of the portside wing leading edge. From June 1979, registered as HL7447 and owned by Korean AL, this a/c first operated on lease to Saudia in full colours until October1980. From 1992 until 1996 this first generation 747 was flown by Nationair of Canada, registered as C-FNXA. After its flying career, the plane was scrapped at the small airport of Shelton in Mason County/Washington. (mehr von D-ABYF)