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D-AIPB Yummie! Let's have some breakfast while the sun rises over Valladolid, Spain and we are enjoying the view out of the cockpit. (mehr von D-AIPB)
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HA-LOS My sweet Hungary is 1009 years old. Stephen I. (Saint Stephen) is crowned king, and during his reign Christianity is adopted and the structure of the Hungarian state is set up.Justice for Hungary. (mehr von HA-LOS)
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F-WWDD Sidesliping to the left with a great angle! (mehr von F-WWDD)
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Short final rwy 30 at a very wintry Belgrade; operating Olympic Airlines flight 385 from Athens.The shadow belongs to our airplane ATR72-202 SX-BIL ! ! !
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F-GSTA (1) Brought the fuselage of the A400M testbed to IABG mbh at Dresden. Sorry for bad weather. (mehr von F-GSTA)


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A6-ERJ surprisingly did a go-around after that t/d (mehr von A6-ERJ)
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VP-CSW [SCREENERS COMMENT: Blurry cockpit section. Accepted for documentary/newsvalue reasons only!] (mehr von VP-CSW)
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G-EZDS seconds before touchdown at that unique airport (mehr von G-EZDS)
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The new Terminal 5 at LHR
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F-GLIJ Justa an accident training on Ljubljana airport (mehr von F-GLIJ)
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A6-EDC Shortly before our flight to Dubai we got the chance to take some Cockpit shots. Also note our little mascot on the top. His name is Pauli, and he has also flown with "Fat Albert" and the last Fouga Magister. If got permission from crew for that photo. (mehr von A6-EDC)
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PH-BUK For the second year, Aviodrome wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with this uniquely lighted Jumbo. Special thanks to the sponsors and the people involved in this project. (mehr von PH-BUK)
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VT-EQT first pic in db. and first visit in FRA. Air India Cargo is flying two times a week to Bombay. Photo was taken at 7:30am! (mehr von VT-EQT)
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F-WWSF c/n 009. > F-WWEA > A6-EDJ. New aircraft on db of course! (mehr von F-WWSF)