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82-1070 82-1070 Not the real "82-1070" just the airframe, used for early production an testing. Given to the USAF Museum in 1999. National Museum of the United States Air Force (mehr von 82-1070)
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LZ-MIR rocketing departure in the early morning. Air France A319, LTU A330 and Air Via TU154 are taxiing to the runway. (mehr von LZ-MIR)
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UR-VVF First engine start-up after engine change. (mehr von UR-VVF)
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D-AIGN Departure from 12R with a great view of Burj Dubai, Burj al Arab and more (mehr von D-AIGN)
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D-AFKE Stuttgart airport was closed several hours due to this Fokker 100 accident, which landed without a completely extended landing gear. (mehr von D-AFKE)
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F-WXXL New Santa's plane ? no, This is the s/n 002 with 2 true motors and 2 false. The weather is never fine for the roll out of an A380 ! Merry Christmas all. (mehr von F-WXXL)
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HB-JMN New A340 for Swiss from Air Canada ex C-FYLG (mehr von HB-JMN)
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F-WWAI [Canon 40D] Humanitarian flight chartered by Action Contre la Faim (ACF) with help of Airbus for victims of Haiti's earthquake. 20 tons of humanitarian emergency are ready to take off from the runway 36L for Port-au-Prince via Fort-de-France. Edit regarding the cargo-door look alike behind L3: Airbus made some experiments in mid-2008 on this section. The fuselage skin in aluminium alloy was peeled off and replaced by carbon layers. In the end, they found that carbon was lighter so produced some weight savings but using it gave an increase in cabin noise in this area, just aft of the engines. In other words this is not a cargo door. Thanks to for clarification. /Ingo (mehr von F-WWAI)
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N922FT This 747 overran the runway while trying to abort a take off to Miami on June 7th 2006. The result as you clearly see is a write off and scrapping. What a pity. (mehr von N922FT)


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9Y-PBM taking of over Maho Beach - very very low about the fence! (mehr von 9Y-PBM)
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F-WWDD Very early this morning, Toulouse wakes up. I am surprised to see the biggest plane of the world finally in his totality (mehr von F-WWDD)
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TC-JNA S/N 697 F-WWYS 1st 330 with new livery for Turkish(FFAS/JR) (mehr von TC-JNA)
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9V-SKA Economy Class on the A380....main deck [Nikon D200] (mehr von 9V-SKA)
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F-OGVE Check out the motorcyclist just underneath the aircraft as the largest aircraft to operate into SBH dives toward runway 10! (mehr von F-OGVE)
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D-AIMA test-flight to VIENNA (sorry for the bad weather). (mehr von D-AIMA)
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EI-XLE Making it's way back to Russia shortly is the ex Transaero, now destined for Rossiya in the new colours. (mehr von EI-XLE)
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F-WWDD s/n 004, 10h49LT take off fot 1st flight on rainy day (mehr von F-WWDD)
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View of the concourse from the tower in the morning before the Emirates departures.
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N923FT By far the most increidlbe takeoff ive whitnessed from RWY17. 747-200 rotating crosswinded, making it drop out from the RWY axis and aim in a tottally different direction! Just look at that. Look at the peole on the left taking shelter! Expect a video fo this take off in (mehr von N923FT)
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F-WWOW Everyone says that A380 is not a large plane. Not when we can compare with others. (Canon 350D + 100-400 L IS) (mehr von F-WWOW)