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After CGN-VIE nearly zero visibility.
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While circling over FRA, the first DLH B747 is coming back from MUC, it is short final rwy 07L
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EC-??? Oooops, emergency brake during take off (mehr von EC-???)
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PH-OFN (c/n 11477) WOW! Check this. This KLC F100 had a fuel leak on takeoff and was spraying large amounts of fuel as long as I could follow her! I know it looks like it's dumping fuel but It's not. After this there was no departing traffic for about 15 minutes as the fire department checked the runway. I had to run like mad to get my camera for this one, but I was lucky this time! (mehr von PH-OFN)
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D-ATUE Fresh from the paintshop in bad weather conditions this latest new logojet for Tuifly (mehr von D-ATUE)
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Tripple Seven mock up at Boeing Experience Centre, see the A-340 frame at the end of the cabin.
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its not a crash its a fire drill !!
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F-GEXB June 98 biggest Air France strike ever seen. you can see 16 engines on one picture. (mehr von F-GEXB)


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View on the new BBI southern runway from an AS 350 helicopter.
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F-WWAI look the new winglets ! for flight test "AWIATOR" (Aircraft Wing with Advanced Technology Operation) (mehr von F-WWAI)
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D-ABKF Flight AB2450 from DTM-LPA rejected take off from runway 6 in snowfall (mehr von D-ABKF)
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PH-BQ* Condensation is heaviest near the two huge inner flap sections. The 777 has just got a little bulkier. (mehr von PH-BQ*)
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RP-C2915 Everyone has to wait until this Dash 7 has crossed the street in its typical low approach fashion. (mehr von RP-C2915)
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F-WWOW acceleration/stop with Concorde & A340-600 on bakground (mehr von F-WWOW)
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D-AIHC LH493 Vancouver to Frankfurt. This picture was shortly taken after this one. You can see me on the Jumpseat if you have a closer look! (mehr von D-AIHC)
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F-WWOW Welcome to Singapore.....who will be the first airport to fly the A380 and on this occasion was the first to host the aircraft on it's inaugral intercontinental flight and first sortie outside of Europe. Looking majestic wearing Singapore Airlines' titles as she crosses the South Cross taxiway. I could not have pulled off this shot with the help of Kok Chwee, thanks buddy! (Nikon D70) (mehr von F-WWOW)
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RA-82068 What a experience to see and feel this aircraft so close to me. This shot was taken with 18mm wideangle. (mehr von RA-82068)
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Charles de Gaulle in Cuxhaven. First time since 1988 that a atomic carrier came to Gemany. On deck were two Rafale and seven Super Etendard. The carrier came for the exercise Brilliant Mariner