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I have never seen so many plane spotters in DUS before.
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OO-VLQ Approaching rwy 28 at London City. (mehr von OO-VLQ)
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Runway and Airport view. Hard Landing for runway 03L
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Thats AMS-Spotting at the Polderbaan! You can see Kenya Airways (5Y-KQT) on short final! Behind: KLM Boeing 777-200 (PH-BQL) and Air Bridge Cargo (VP-BIM)!
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D-ABBP Ex Air Berlin in new colour for Blue Air. (mehr von D-ABBP)
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overview of the new Terminal 3 at Dubai which is exclusively used by Emirates Airlines. As you can see the design looks similar to the Terminal 1 but is bigger with a slightly changed design. No less than 31 Emirates tails can be counted in this picture...Quite impressive considering the fact the the backside of this terminal has not been captured with 4 Airbus A380-800s at the gate...
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HA-LHC Breathtaking moment. Such a big bird so low over the city. Performing on the National Day of Hungary. Congratulations for the crew! It was not a sight to forget! (mehr von HA-LHC)
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D-EVLB c/n FR172K0659. ex OE-DSX. I was about to get a picture the C-172 but somebody consistently look in my lens! (mehr von D-EVLB)


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D-AIMG Lowpass before the final landing of the former LH chief pilot. (mehr von D-AIMG)
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G-BUSD If any body misses the A320 G-BUSD from BA: I have found the rest of its fuselage in a firm that builds cabin-simulators. Canon EOS 30D 18-55 mm (mehr von G-BUSD)
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F-WWDD Lifetime moments. Last shot just before my first time inside that unbeilivable aircraft! (mehr von F-WWDD)
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PH-MCR No words for this, Simply UIO! Dedicated to Juan Andres MArtinez (mehr von PH-MCR)
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F-WWDD First visit in CGN for the "Day of the open door" @ DLR (mehr von F-WWDD)
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HB-LEH c/n 340-0075. ex N5940M, HB-LEH and D-ILEH. After hard emergency landing, declared 3.5nm on final 05R with both engines out. (mehr von HB-LEH)
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T.22-1 (45-50) Passing 1000 feet below over the swiss alps. (mehr von T.22-1)
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D-ABVF in czech airspace at FL350 with many more dull hours ahead going far east. (mehr von D-ABVF)
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The new airport right beside the Holiday island Resort on left edge is still under slowly construction.
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F-WWCG c/n 960. Stored for a moment in TLS. (mehr von F-WWCG)