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D-ABOG Heli Christoph 9 waiting to cross the airport after emergency duty. (mehr von D-ABOG)
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F-HZUA First A220 for Air France, flight AF610K from CFE during crew training. (mehr von F-HZUA)
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43BLUE displayed at Oleg Antonov State Aviation Museum (mehr von 43BLUE)
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4L-GEN taxiing via RWY 21 for backtrack and take off via RWY 03 as GEL804 (mehr von 4L-GEN)
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LZ-DEO Arriving from Pristina as VBB7205. Nice to see this one occasionally in Basel during that summer. (mehr von LZ-DEO)
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D-IFKU Juist shuttle with three BN2 ships, up to 12 departures per hour on this day. (mehr von D-IFKU)
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9M-MHA Malaysian Airlines Systems first Airbus flew 15 years for MAS and for a few more years as N224KW for Carnival AL before being converted into a freighter in 1998 (mehr von 9M-MHA)
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TC-MKS Approaching RWY 08L of Leipzig-Halle airport over the Porsche circuit and factory . (mehr von TC-MKS)
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RA-82047 This 30 year old lady cames in as ferry flight VDA5203 from Vienna to pick up the european service module 2 for the Orion spacecraft. (mehr von RA-82047)