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EC-JFX Stopped safely on rwy17 after several tires on the right main landing gear collapsed with 330 pax onboard. It approached with gusty crosswinds and the bang of the tires was impressive. Airport was closed for 3h. This incident was followed by a bigger one about one month later when an Iberia A346 overshot the runway and was heavily damaged. [EOS 350D] (mehr von EC-JFX)
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F-WWSD s/n 007 taxi for 1st engines run (mehr von F-WWSD)
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HB-JMK Quite close to a tailstrike... Nice takeoff scene. (mehr von HB-JMK)
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HC-CER This was an exciting moment. We were lined up for take off, and now a 767 of LAN comes to land! That was amazing, two generations of BOEING face to face, literaly. (Olympus C-770) (mehr von HC-CER)
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F-WWDD Apart from coming to Singapore to participate and display at Asian Aerospace, the A380 also performed a series of compatability tests with the gates and ground equipment. Seen here at Gate E5 performing such tests, with plenty of ground crew to judge the "performance". And how about that catering truck that can reach the upper deck! [Nikon D200] (mehr von F-WWDD)
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F-GEXA The fourth Air France 747-400 for breaking. Seen also OO-TCR A320, LN-BRJ ex SAS, G-EZKD B737 ex Easyjet and various nose sections including a B727 from previous aircraft broken for spares (mehr von F-GEXA)
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F-WWOW 2nd rolling. Flaps down on take off config for low rolling (mehr von F-WWOW)
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A6-EDA First Class suites after arrival from JFK, a bit messy (mehr von A6-EDA)
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D-AIMA Training session. Note the DFB sticker for the German national team, which will fly on the A380 to JNB for the World Cup. (mehr von D-AIMA)
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F-WWSH c/n 038. > D-AIMA. "Frankfurt am Main". AIB038D climbing out for testflight. (mehr von F-WWSH)
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A6-EHJ What a great day in Finkenwerder, lots of spotters around. This beauty made them all happy! (mehr von A6-EHJ)
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F-WWOW 3rd rolling this morning, this time on wet runway (mehr von F-WWOW)
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D-AIMA Some poeple came to watch the gaint landing at Stuttgart airport (mehr von D-AIMA)
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4X-ELA First aerial demonstration of El-Al, on independence day, celebrating 100 birthday for Tel-Aviv. A special logo for this event appears on the 744 nose, The 4 aircraft which took place on this show are 4X-ELA (744), 4X-ECF (772), 4X-EAE (762) and 4X-EKF (738). (mehr von 4X-ELA)
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N138SR Stored and rotting away besides two BAC 1-11, one of which is Okada. Does anyone know the identity of the other one? (mehr von N138SR)
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D-ATUD 2nd Haribo logojet for Tuifly! Painted into the Haribo Goldbren colors by MAAS, Maastricht Aviation Aircraft Services. (mehr von D-ATUD)
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60-0059 (LA) Overview of the static park during the open day at NATO air base Geilenkirchen (mehr von 60-0059)
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A Total of 52 of the military version of the Boeing 707 can be seen here stored or being disposed of, in the Arizona desert
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G-STRF One more 10mm landing shot of runway 02 approach. Me and my Canon 40D IN the sea in order to put this boats under the B737. I am planning to get an underwater pack for DSLR for the next summer... (mehr von G-STRF)
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01 One of four Su-27's from Lipetsk Air Base on MAKS-2007
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D-ALPJ It is very rare to see six LTU/Air Berlin A330 parked so close together. (mehr von D-ALPJ)