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PJ-MDC 16mm shot just ovehead Maho Beach. Sorry for the bad framing. (mehr von PJ-MDC)
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Runway and Airport view. Hard Landing for runway 03L
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I have never seen so many plane spotters in DUS before.
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Thats AMS-Spotting at the Polderbaan! You can see Kenya Airways (5Y-KQT) on short final! Behind: KLM Boeing 777-200 (PH-BQL) and Air Bridge Cargo (VP-BIM)!
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OO-VLQ Approaching rwy 28 at London City. (mehr von OO-VLQ)
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overview of the new Terminal 3 at Dubai which is exclusively used by Emirates Airlines. As you can see the design looks similar to the Terminal 1 but is bigger with a slightly changed design. No less than 31 Emirates tails can be counted in this picture...Quite impressive considering the fact the the backside of this terminal has not been captured with 4 Airbus A380-800s at the gate...
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D-ABBP Ex Air Berlin in new colour for Blue Air. (mehr von D-ABBP)
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HA-LHC Breathtaking moment. Such a big bird so low over the city. Performing on the National Day of Hungary. Congratulations for the crew! It was not a sight to forget! (mehr von HA-LHC)
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D-EVLB c/n FR172K0659. ex OE-DSX. I was about to get a picture the C-172 but somebody consistently look in my lens! (mehr von D-EVLB)


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TF-ABA Altough not the best quality, an historic pic: This was the first (and only) 747 to land at Madeira. Madeirean people relation with planes and the airport is easy to see on the crowd waiting to see the plane. The traffic went for kilometers. (mehr von TF-ABA)
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D-AIMG Lowpass before the final landing of the former LH chief pilot. (mehr von D-AIMG)
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G-BUSD If any body misses the A320 G-BUSD from BA: I have found the rest of its fuselage in a firm that builds cabin-simulators. Canon EOS 30D 18-55 mm (mehr von G-BUSD)
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PH-MCR No words for this, Simply UIO! Dedicated to Juan Andres MArtinez (mehr von PH-MCR)
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F-WWDD Lifetime moments. Last shot just before my first time inside that unbeilivable aircraft! (mehr von F-WWDD)
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F-WWDD First visit in CGN for the "Day of the open door" @ DLR (mehr von F-WWDD)
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T.22-1 (45-50) Passing 1000 feet below over the swiss alps. (mehr von T.22-1)
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HB-LEH c/n 340-0075. ex N5940M, HB-LEH and D-ILEH. After hard emergency landing, declared 3.5nm on final 05R with both engines out. (mehr von HB-LEH)
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F-WWCG c/n 960. Stored for a moment in TLS. (mehr von F-WWCG)
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TS-IQA overran RWY06 at DTM and blocked the airport by hours. No injuries. (mehr von TS-IQA)