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D-AGEP Arrived 21st April 2019. Parked alongside B727-200 M-FTOH and in the background 2-MMTT B727-100 and two ex Jet 2 B737-300 (mehr von D-AGEP)
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D-AXGD performing a landing without flaps! The first approach needed to be aborted, presumely because of some technical issues. Then, after half an hour, they made the second attempt and came in very low with a touchdown shortly behind the beginning of the landing zone. Then they rolled out and taxied to the gate normally before the aircraft getting towed into the maintenance hangar! (mehr von D-AXGD)
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D-ABYO What a rare sight in DUS! Both were being diverted after FRA was being closed due to drone sightings (mehr von D-ABYO)
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G-VYGK leased from Air Tanker - first time I've ever seen an aircraft taxiing in this direction in front of the 07L platform (mehr von G-VYGK)
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ZS-SXD what a nice surprise! This was an unexpected equipment change to the usual A330. It has been years since this beauty last visited MUC! (mehr von ZS-SXD)
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D-ABYJ Arriving from FRA, an Jumbo f�r Nicki and d� Peter (mehr von D-ABYJ)
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What a pity! I missed the times with the Il-86 around.
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54+18 approaching LFOJ for a touch and go. Permission OK by German Airforce crew and our guide. (mehr von 54+18)
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The big Airport of Paris CDG.
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G-GDFB With a fire training in the background. (mehr von G-GDFB)
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EZ-F426 Absolute gorgeous gem of an aircraft seen at Vatry! TUA3246 departing runway 10 to Ashgabat. Catch them when you can as the EASA has banned Turkmenistan airlines to serve the EU, until it can meet international standards for aviation safety, like this one. It was a presidential flight to bring a car back to France for mx. (mehr von EZ-F426)
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A6-EOH Landing right after heavy rain in very first sunrays (mehr von A6-EOH)