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D-ABMQ Eurowings colours since March 19th. (mehr von D-ABMQ)
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D-ATCA Backtracking on the famous circle at Corfu, prior the takeoff from runway 35. (mehr von D-ATCA)
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4X-HKV Unfortunately, this is the memory of this aircraft after the crash that occurred on December 4, 2017. Fortunately there were no casualties in the accident. That's how it's stored in the yard of Rishon Le'Zion airfield. (mehr von 4X-HKV)
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N465MC bring the US Army to Berlin for Traning in Poland (mehr von N465MC)
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LZ-AWU Ex. D-ASTJ. Now with bulgarian registration. (mehr von LZ-AWU)
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OE-LBP Climbing out of Innsbruck as flight AUA53WQ to Copenhagen-Kastrup Intl. Freshly painted in Austrian's new colourscheme. (mehr von OE-LBP)
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OE-IHL c/n 3105. Built in 2007 and delivered to Kingfisher Airlines as VT-KFV. Ex Shaheen Air International as AP-BLM (mehr von OE-IHL)
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4X-AES The old Dakota is ready on the trailer to be transferred to the new location: The new international airport ''Eilat - Ramon'' [LLER], named after the first Israeli astronaut, the late Ilan Ramon and his late son the pilot Asaf Ramon. (mehr von 4X-AES)
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4X-EMA On final approach to runway 03. (mehr von 4X-EMA)