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C-FGZT strange regards on the flaps... (mehr von C-FGZT)
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D-IFCC Classic Fouga over Buesum! Thanks to everybody involved. (mehr von D-IFCC)
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D-AHLT In 1979/80 Hapag Lloyd took delivery of three brand-new Boeing 727-200, registered D-AHLT/U/V, whereby only the first two were in service with Hapag Lloyd for around ten years. Other operators of D-AHLT were later Ethiopian AL, SAM Colombia, Venus AL, Lineas Aereas Canarias, Safair, Falcon Air Express and finally Allegro Airlines.. (mehr von D-AHLT)
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D-ILWD The day, D-ILWD arrived at ist new home, the LGW in Dortmund. The Reg was only a sticker to cover the old Reg D-CHOF (mehr von D-ILWD)
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RA-76503 VDA9018 approaching Antarctica after some 5,5 hours flight ex CPT. Thanks to all involved (mehr von RA-76503)
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N25Y Fajera 2019 - EPKM - Katowice-Muchowiec airport (mehr von N25Y)
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C-FKBX fantastic flight over Antarctica to Fenristunga Glacier. Actually, the endless horizon and fascinating blue skies even make the Earth curvature visible at "the end of the world" far away from any civilization. Only us and our shadow at bottom left... (mehr von C-FKBX)