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HB-JMA Who is the faster ? My car or Airbus Three Forty ? (mehr von HB-JMA)
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OY-RCG at its homebase in typical moody weather conditions. (mehr von OY-RCG)
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HB-IUG c/n 53149 l/n 1817. Built in 1991 (mehr von HB-IUG)
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D-AINY With the new "racoon" cockpit windows (mehr von D-AINY)
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DH+DE Wreckage of a Taifun at the Luftwaffenmuseum with the Argus As 10c inverted V-8 engine visible and some traces of dark blue paint. Thought to have been built in Regensburg in 1939, its registration could also be DA+DE, DR+DE or DH+BE. It may have been part of Jagdfliegerschule 3 (JFS 3) based at Stolp-Reitz. Or it is from 2./JG 103 based at Parow, as a Taifun was shot down from above over Ruegen on 14.12.44, as bullet holes indicate. It was recovered in Nov. 2009.
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VN-A573 First aircraft has new Pacific Airlines official livery (mehr von VN-A573)
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Crew is posing for press photos in their Oktoberfest Trachten outfit in "dirndls" - note that the pilots are not wearing Lederhosen though...
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N247CK Arrived by road from Oxford several years ago and is used for filming work (mehr von N247CK)
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1708 Resting here at MCC before its next mission (mehr von 1708)