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N317CM Short before pushback, leaving CGN as GB984 to ORD on behalf of DHL , including happy ground crew (mehr von N317CM)
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A6-XWB first pic of an EY A35K in database! This aircraft entered into service 31/03/2022 and is wearing "Year of the Fiftieth" - colors on the rear fuselage; sorry for the obstacles, picture was taken before my flight to FRA! (mehr von A6-XWB)
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N317CM Runway 36R arival from Roswell (ROS) newley painted ABX (mehr von N317CM)
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HC-CXB The beautiful "Condor" of Equair rolling down for take off from runway 36 with a beautiful sunset and on the day that this airline was celebrating its first month in the air. We wish them the best of luck!! (mehr von HC-CXB)


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17-01610 The Golden Knights in Aguadilla practiced in Aguadilla over a week of various jumps in the Western area of Puerto Rico. For a week they were launching their new Dash 8 aircraft the last time we saw them was at Puerto Rico Air Extravaganza 2011. I hope they visit us again soon. (mehr von 17-01610)
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