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G-AXAN Dedicated to Cpt. Amanda J. Harrison. It was an honor for me to meet you. As part of her solo2Darwin trip, which started in the United Kingdom, Harrison will fly to Darwin with a total of 33 stopovers in 23 countries. She started her tour on May 11, 2019. - sorry for the fog (mehr von G-AXAN)
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166338 Surprise visitors depart after a short fuelstop enroute to Rotterdam together with 165774.Pls excuse lower quality due to lack of time for better photoposition. (mehr von 166338)
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F-AYSB (sn S6-1675) New aircraft in Europe, 1st demo with the Patrouille de France (mehr von F-AYSB)
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N103NA Five Dakotas performing for the Berlin Airlift 70 celebration (mehr von N103NA)
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N277EA leased by Smartwings lacking of planes, as their 737-MAX are grounded (mehr von N277EA)
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YL-LCP ready for lease to SunExpress after painting in ERF. (mehr von YL-LCP)
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135 NTM 2019 - "Dark Tiger" Escadron de Chasse 3/30 "Lorraine" (mehr von 135)
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EI-STJ Magical moment in the early morning. Looked truely so. (mehr von EI-STJ)
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YR-URS Just Us Air apply a logo on YR-URS and prepared for new wetlease. (mehr von YR-URS)
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RA-76719 1st picture on planepictures.net, This is the biggest plane ever entered inside the Parking P48. Note The Boeing 777 of Saudia on landing runway 22 and Legacy D-ADCP on taxi to holding point Alfa runway 22. (mehr von RA-76719)
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CCCP-86492 The new symbol of Sheremetyevo Airport - Ilyushin Il-62M (mehr von CCCP-86492)