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D-AKJC first pic of this Reg. and new plane for German Airways in database, ex. BA CityFlyer G-LCYY, in service since 12/06/2022! (mehr von D-AKJC)
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9V-SWS Very soft touch-down on runways 14 after fllight from Singapore as flight SQ346. The condition of the livery isn't really good for ah high quality airlines. (mehr von 9V-SWS)
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N651CE Everts Air Fuel DC-6B in basic livery of the predecessor Conair with revised Everts Air Fuel titles (mehr von N651CE)
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A7-HHJ On Stand After Respray Into Corporate Colours. (mehr von A7-HHJ)


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HB-JMD Edelweiss A340 performing the expected late take-off on runway 32 to Tampa. (mehr von HB-JMD)
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9S-ALU decorated with a sticker commemorating Patrice Lumumba (mehr von 9S-ALU)
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The construction site of the new much debated Machu Picchu airport near Cuzco at 3,800 meters altitude.