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VP-BVX Stored with PH-BFC, sad days for both ! (mehr von VP-BVX)
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D-AIWI overview spotting location RWY 25R / 07L (mehr von D-AIWI)
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overview with a Jumbo and an A340-600
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VH-UQG first pic of this reg in db. Just awesome to see an australian Fokker 100 here in Europe! In "Southern Cross Minor" - special livery! Seen here coming from Norwich on her way to Australia. This is also ex. Austrian Airlines, OE-LVG! (sorry for the heavy fog!!) (mehr von VH-UQG)
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A6-EUI in front of this beautiful skyline of NYC (mehr von A6-EUI)
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Bathurst Harbour Landing Area, as the sign says, certainly is one of the remotest airfields in the world. Most people fly in or out of this place to see the rare orange-bellied parrots or to start either of the infamously muddy Port Davey Track or South Coast Track hikes. I was stuck there for two days in bad weather, before I could fly out back to civilization after hiking the South Coast Track.
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A6-AFC Stored at Teruel Caud� airport. (mehr von A6-AFC)
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VR-HUG Wonderful Kai Tak. You didn't always need Runway 13 IGS arrivals for stunning shots. I really enjoyed Runway 31 days, when you would get the heavies with late rotations. And look at the lineup in the background for a "Kai Tak" memory......Heavylift B707 (operating for Air Hong Kong), ATA L1011 (In HAECO for maintenance) and a British Airways Concorde (on a supersonic world tour) Kai Tak...we miss you! (mehr von VR-HUG)
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PH-BFT spotting location Taxiway V in the morning (mehr von PH-BFT)
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D-ABKK delivered together with sistership D-ABKL in 1975 as tke last two B.727-200/Advanced to Condor. Other owners of D-ABKK thereafter: TC-AFD Nobel Air, TC-TCA TUR and finally ZS-NOU Safair (mehr von D-ABKK)
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N4935C Airport Overview with diversions from Schiphol on a sunny sunday in autumn. From left ro right: C-FCRE "Empress of Canada", PH-AGA "Rembrandt", C-GCPD "Empress of British Colombia", N4935C "Stanvaste" and PH-BUA "Mississippi" (mehr von N4935C)