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JQ8501 On display at Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum. Japan’s National Aerospace Laboratory converted a C-1 for STOL tests and to reduce the noise footprint. Four newly-built FJR710/600S turbofans were mounted on top and ahead of the wings to generate lift using the Coandă effect by upper surface blowing (USB) through vortex generators onto the flaps. The sole Asuka or ‘flying bird’ was retired in March 1989 after 97 flights and 167 flight hours, achieving 509m for takeoff and 449m for landing. (mehr von JQ8501)
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D-ALCC The MD-11F has transported tons of flowers in its life, so here are some flowers (poppies to be precise) for her arrival (mehr von D-ALCC)
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OY-RCL Atlantic Airways flight RC7664 from Vagar ( FAE) with Icelandic national fotball team on board. The first ever visit of a machine belonging to Atlantic Airways in Poznan. (mehr von OY-RCL)
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D-ALCA LH8371 / GEC8371 to Frankfurt (FRA) via Hyderabad (HYD) . (mehr von D-ALCA)
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F-HIQD ex EI-DPB from Ryanair - Converted to freighter flying in FedEx Colors operated by ASL Airlines (mehr von F-HIQD)