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N25641 Special visitor on "TdBw Spotterday 2019" at Jagel (mehr von N25641)
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PH-EXM Inauguration of the Poznan-Amsterdam route. The machine with the PH-EXM marks landed in the capital of Wielkopolska region at 3:52 pm and then, with flags flying, taxing to the ramp. Flights with numbers KL1273 / 4 will be operate five times a week. (mehr von PH-EXM)
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D-AYAO Note 9H-TAJ in the backdrop accelerating for departure. (mehr von D-AYAO)


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UR-82027 On short final to RWY 08 as cargo flight ADB 3797 from Tianjin-Binhai Intl. via Alamaty and Baku-Heydar Aliyev Intl. (mehr von UR-82027)
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N917XA With Destination OAK Short 10 Min flight to OAK. Ex Air Berlin (mehr von N917XA)
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D-ABMQ TUIfly D-ABMQ aircraft in Eurowings livery ready for return flight X3 2117 from rainy Fuerteventura Island to Dusseldorf ( DUS), entering runway 01. (mehr von D-ABMQ)
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EW-001PB Rare 767 for the first time at Basel and came just before my favorite lunch time during perfect lightning conditions! (mehr von EW-001PB)