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N323EA For the six-month summer season 1988 N323EA was leased from Eastern Air Lines. In contrast to D-AERC, which was also leased from Eastern AL in a similar color scheme only a few weeks after D-AERI burned out in 1991, no entry in the German flight register was made. In December N323EA was delivered to Cathay Pacific as VR-HOG (mehr von N323EA)
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D-AZAQ c/n 9560. First A321neo for AirBlue whirling up some snow after arrival from RLG where it was parked before. (mehr von D-AZAQ)
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VH-ZNJ the most popular flight this day was this Qantas 787 with "100 years" livery on the second non-stop repatriation flight back to Australia (mehr von VH-ZNJ)
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D-ABLI The Ludwigshafen, seen here with promotion sticker for the UEFA 1988 European Football Championship in Germany, after push back from its Terminal A gate position in front of hangar 5. In January 1990 D-ABLI was sold to a leasing company, new operator was Pan American World Airways, registered as N358PA , named Clipper Antelope (mehr von D-ABLI)
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G-ZBLB new in db, first landing of an 787-10 in STR. Departure to London LHR (mehr von G-ZBLB)


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SE-RPD - Norway is so beautiful, from 31.000 ft. (mehr von SE-RPD)
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