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D-AIGT Short final Runway 25R with a perfect background, the snow covered "Gro�er Feldberg", nearly 880 m high. (mehr von D-AIGT)
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RA-54000 part of the corrosion corner at Zhukovsky - RA76701, RA54000 and RA96001 (mehr von RA-54000)
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D-AYAW c/n 10270. Future B-58205. Stuck between walls of snow awaiting delivery. New in database! (mehr von D-AYAW)
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YV3507 first a 340/300 for conviasa (mehr von YV3507)
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RA-82045 Bringing the main parts of the historic Lufthansa Boeing B737-200 called "Landshut". Due to the massive reporting in the press about the arrival of the AN-124 many people came to the airport to watch it. Roads were used a parking lots and every place around the airport was crowed by people. Big aircrafts fascinate many people. (mehr von RA-82045)
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A6-EKK Scan from slide. When Emirates was still a modest sized airline (mehr von A6-EKK)


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EI-DCL Winterwonderland 2021 (mehr von EI-DCL)
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N618UP have a look to the difference between 747-8F and 747-400F (mehr von N618UP)
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G-APSA Coventry airshow. Demonsrtating anti oilspill spray equipment. Negativescan. (mehr von G-APSA)
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CS-TBA As a subsidiary of TAP, Air Atlantis operations began in autumn 1985 with B.707-300 and B.727-100, which were leased from the parent company, CS-TBA and sistership CS-TBB were only in service until February 1987 and were later converted into E-6A trainers for the United States Navy (mehr von CS-TBA)
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D-AERC Only a few days after D-AERI burned out in the night of June 28, 1991, D-AERC was introduced into service in an LTU livery adapted to the previous operator Eastern Air Lines. The former Eastern AL titles are still visible as a schadow above the cheatline. (mehr von D-AERC)
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HB-JNK HB-JNK waiting for its next flight back to ZRH. Here seen between EVA AIR 77W B-16732 and Copa Airlines B738 HP-1833CMP (mehr von HB-JNK)