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CCCP-08834 A few days after the earthquake had happened in Armenia on December, 7th 1988, first relief supplies in the form of heavy recovery equipment and large hydraulic bearings from a Dusseldorf manufacturer were flown to Yerevan on board of two An-22s (mehr von CCCP-08834)
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D-AICN Only 10 years after its first flight in 1984 and delivery to Condor and in service also for Lufthansa from 1990 , named Luebeck, D-AICN was converted into a freighter for FedEx and operated by them for another sixteen years, registered as N411FE (mehr von D-AICN)
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D-AIXI "Danke! TXL" being projected onto the fuselage of the last Lufthansa flight to leave TXL! (mehr von D-AIXI)
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OE-LPA Modern tourist-class with personal IFEs for that time. Negative-Scan (mehr von OE-LPA)
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the last evening of TXL. It is sad to say goodbye to this iconic airport with its spotter-friendly viewing deck. I will miss you TXL!
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N631FE I loved the Federal Express purple colour scheme, and it looked the best on the B747! (mehr von N631FE)
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RA-76951 Bringing some more parts for the historic Lufthansa Boeing B737-200 called "Landshut". After years of discussion about the place of the "Landshut Museum" the museum will be finally build at Friedrichshafen airport. (mehr von RA-76951)