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VP-CMS ex Qatar Airways with G-BYGA one of nine B747-400's of British Airways on the airfield (mehr von VP-CMS)
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The 2521 m. runway of Erding airbase seen from above after departing MUC for BLQ on I-ADJN. Formerly a Luftwaffe training field prior to and during World War II, it was taken over by the USAF from 1945-1957, after which it was returned to the Luftwaffe. Fliegerhorst Erding ceased to be a front line fighter airbase and became home in 2002 to the 1st Air Force Maintenance Regiment (LwInsthRgt 1) providing technical and logistical support.
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EC-MVG Neutralized ex Condor/Thomas Cook Balearics colors (mehr von EC-MVG)
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EC-NIV Finally in a halfway correct position and with sun. Sorry for the foreground. (mehr von EC-NIV)
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