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I-NDOF Back to Neos after summer lease to Arkia, again with the short used Moonflower livery (mehr von I-NDOF)
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N44910 The only time you can use a drone to take pics of airplanes safely is when is an abandoned airfield...Chandler Memorial! DC-4 heaven (mehr von N44910)
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OE-GES Accident at the Milan Malpensa airport. A tractor of a handling company crashed into the wing of the private jet stationary on the runway. Big problem at the wing of the plane and hospitalization for the driver of the tractor fortunately without serious consequences. (mehr von OE-GES)
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F-HAOD Olivier Dassault's (grandson of Dassault Aviation founder Marcel Dassault) Falcon shines bright like a diamond under the afternoon sun. first pic of this one in db. (mehr von F-HAOD)
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50+51 Note the pilot looking out of the cockpit window. (mehr von 50+51)
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77-0298 RIAT 2019 - special colors to celebrate 70 years of NATO - Phantoms phorever (mehr von 77-0298)
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YU-ANK BEG-VIE (mehr von YU-ANK)