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SE-DBS Svipdag Viking was one of 10 DC-9s series -21 ever built. The only order customer for this special type was SAS, which received these planes between December 1968 and May 1969. The Series 20 was developed as a high-performance version of the Series -10 with a larger wingspan and more powerful engines (mehr von SE-DBS)
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EW-001PB Flight Belarus Two Zero One One from Minsk on short final rwy 15 for some check up. First visit in our airport. #20yearsPP. (mehr von EW-001PB)
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Overview of Terminal A
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EI-EDY Bad weather, but a rare visitor for Hanover airport today! (mehr von EI-EDY)


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VH-EBU One of the best ever schemes.....Nalanji Dreaming! (mehr von VH-EBU)