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Aerial view of the Brooklands Museum, home to many British classics including Vickers VC10, Viscount, Viking, Vanguard BAC 1-11 and Concorde
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Many people stands for long hours on the famous bridge near the runway in Corfu and enjoy the scenery and the aircrafts . This photo was taken in the afternoon from the famous Taverna on the west side of the island.
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D-ABYF `Fritz`on taxiway W heading for runway 06, today 05R, and for take-off to the canary islands. Clearly visible are the extended Krueger-flaps of the portside wing leading edge. From June 1979, registered as HL7447 and owned by Korean AL, this a/c first operated on lease to Saudia in full colours until October1980. From 1992 until 1996 this first generation 747 was flown by Nationair of Canada, registered as C-FNXA. After its flying career, the plane was scrapped at the small airport of Shelton in Mason County/Washington. (mehr von D-ABYF)
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G-ZBKL Arriving from LHR, View of San Francisco Bay as we approach SJC (mehr von G-ZBKL)
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N44910 The only time you can use a drone to take pics of airplanes safely is when is an abandoned airfield...Chandler Memorial! DC-4 heaven (mehr von N44910)