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B-1083 I am so happy having finally caught this sexy A350 in special "Expo Beijing 2019" colours... Flight CA828 rolling on RWY 26L to Shanghai. (mehr von B-1083)
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UR-WRV c/n 1207. Ex G-OZBO with Monarch. New in db. (mehr von UR-WRV)
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OE-LMC water salute for new route DRS to PMI with new airline (mehr von OE-LMC)
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MM62228 Probably one of the highlights of the year, an unexpected tanker...Runway 32R. (mehr von MM62228)
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LY-JMS What a kind pf paintscheme, coming in fresh from the paintshop in Maastricht.z (mehr von LY-JMS)
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SX-TZE Nice winter golden hour. Last comercial ferry flight CRA-KEF-BGR-PHX before cargo conversion. (mehr von SX-TZE)
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CU-T1702 Passing through on a crew rest on its way to Moscow having been stored in Havana for over two years. (mehr von CU-T1702)