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DDR-STG back in new full Interflug c/s. (mehr von DDR-STG)
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EI-IKF View from the other side with walking distance about 45 min. Here you can see Anna Apartments and Hotel Royal on Kanoni Hill. (mehr von EI-IKF)
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D-ABTH The LH B747-400 that used to wear the Star Alliance colours, and a world cup football nose has been at MHV for at least 4 years (mehr von D-ABTH)
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Nice overview early in the morning.
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Overview of El Dorado airport after departure
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D-AVWA With Pratt & Whitney engines (mehr von D-AVWA)
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G-XWBA back in Heathrow from his first commercial flight to Madrid. The new Airbus A350 from British Ariways. (mehr von G-XWBA)
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What an amazing view! The apron is full of IL-76! In the hangar in the backdrop, there is even a maintenance facility for TU-134.
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P4-KCJ This airplane came very very close to a ditch in sea at the end of last year. The aircraft was returning home after maintenance in Alverca when just after airbourne the pilots noticed that the aircraft was not reponding to the inputs that they were giving. After 3 hours of eratic flying and attempts to ditch the airplane in the ocean the succefuly manage to land safely in Beja, but to the high levels of energy that the aircraft was subjected to, probably it will never fly again. (mehr von P4-KCJ)
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5B-DDE Interior the cabin, inflight US 1432 from Tel Aviv to Skiathos. (mehr von 5B-DDE)