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HS-TGZ Secons before touchdown on runway 14 in the early morning. Replacment of the usual B777-300ER on the flight TG970 from Bangkok. (mehr von HS-TGZ)
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RF-00308 c/n 1AJ001-04, ex RA-2092K (mehr von RF-00308)
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EC-MQK Operating a nonstop repatriation flight from Honolulu (mehr von EC-MQK)
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G-PRPD This a/c performed the last ever flight of flybe into DUS in the late evening of March, 4th 2020 with arrival 09:16 pm from BHX. The retrunflight the next morning to MAN was cancelled because flybe went bankrupt overnight. Since then the a/c is parked on a remote apron awaiting an uncertain future. (mehr von G-PRPD)
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UR-SQE taxiing down to the threshold of rwy 33. (mehr von UR-SQE)
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D-AIGU parked on Runway 07L / 25R (mehr von D-AIGU)
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B-2454 c/n 22302 l/n 473. Built in 1980. Delivered in 1982 to CAAC as N1301E (mehr von B-2454)