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N3439F First delivered to Sabena in June 1986 as OO-SGC. Withdrawn from use in October 1999 and stored at Marana since 2003 as N3439F (mehr von N3439F)
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D-EFLW overview of this nice little airfield (mehr von D-EFLW)
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5954 On display at the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry, this is one of two surviving Stukas in the world. The R-model or ‘Reichweite’ was identical to the B-2, but with additional fuel tanks for longer range. This Trop has a special dust filter for the engine for desert operations. Flown by 3./St.G 1 under the command of Fliegerführer Afrika, it has the unit's Hans Huckebein insignia on the cowling. (mehr von 5954)
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A7-AMB no other angle without cars possible. Taxiing for departure to rwy 18 (mehr von A7-AMB)
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D-ABHR c/n 22141 l/n 795. Built in 1981. "Darmstadt" (mehr von D-ABHR)
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I-DEMT c/n 23300 l/n 613. Built in 1985. "Montecatini" (mehr von I-DEMT)
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EC-NHF Taxiing out for departure to Tenerife-Norte and Gran Canaria as IB9001, doing the job that was once done by DC-8s. (mehr von EC-NHF)
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D-AZAE Ferry flight from XFW for parking at ERF. D-AZAE will be TC-LSS, c/n 9157. (mehr von D-AZAE)
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D-AUAK Ferry flight from XFW for parking at ERF. D-AUAK will be B-LCQ, c/n 9416. (mehr von D-AUAK)