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ZK-CIE Maybe the last airline using Convairs for regular passenger service? (mehr von ZK-CIE)
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C-FGZH stil towing the air to air target upon returning from a mission. (mehr von C-FGZH)
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D-AGWN Corona storage at DTM (mehr von D-AGWN)
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TF-ISP DB Schenker titles. This is the Shanghai - Munich Corona Cargo Shuttle. (mehr von TF-ISP)
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A7-BFD Special flight QR8131 from Shanghai via Doha with 750.000 face masks and protective suits on board due to Coronavirus crisis. (mehr von A7-BFD)
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Three Corona longterm residentsin left to right: D-AIHK, D-AIFF, D-AIKM
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D-ABYL Such a rare sight these days, maximum one flight per day, this one is arriving from GRU, one of two routes currently served by 747-8 (mehr von D-ABYL)
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JA789A after having seen this one so many times before without being able to take a picture of it, it now payed out! (mehr von JA789A)
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OH-LGA Delivered in December 1990, this frame served with Finnair until 2009, with a short lease to Garuda for a few months in 1995. Re-registered N270WA to World Airways in 2009, eventually stored at Goodyear in February 2012 and broken up in September 2013 (mehr von OH-LGA)