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SE-ROE 'Harald Viking' arriving Salzburg from Stockholm-Arlanda Intl. as charter flight SK 2915 shortly before sunset. The A320neo is definitely one of my most favourite aircraft, especially when captured in some beautiful evening light like this. (mehr von SE-ROE)
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N465MC bring the US Army to Berlin for Traning in Poland (mehr von N465MC)
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4X-AES The old Dakota is ready on the trailer to be transferred to the new location: The new international airport ''Eilat - Ramon'' [LLER], named after the first Israeli astronaut, the late Ilan Ramon and his late son the pilot Asaf Ramon. (mehr von 4X-AES)
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4X-EMA On final approach to runway 03. (mehr von 4X-EMA)
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78820 over the IL 76 you can good see Passenger Plane start from London (mehr von 78820)
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CN-RGV Does it get much better ? Lining up on 18 just after the heavy shower passed through and the late afternoon sun came out (mehr von CN-RGV)
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